Pressure on upcoming state election to deliver a good result for businesses

Published by: The Northern Daily Leader

The NSW Business Chamber is ramping up it's campaign ahead of the March state election.

"It is now clear from successive [quarterly] surveys that business conditions have become more challenging," NSW Business Chamber regional manager, Joe Townsend said.

"For the state overall, business confidence is down with business facing tougher trading conditions as the NSW economy faces headwinds from international markets, volatility in the housing sector and rising operating costs."


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While the drought is biting especially hard in the New England and North West.

"Confidence this quarter is much worse than what we've seen normally at this time of year. That's the impact of the drought and energy costs biting," Mr Townsend said. 

And he said businesses aren't expecting things to improve much over the next quarter.

"So with the State election now less than two months away, it is vital that those parties looking to form the next Government understand the true nature of current business conditions and just how important it is to have policies that assist business to invest and create new jobs," Mr Townsend said.

"It's why the NSW Business Chamber is campaigning on a platform of Keeping NSW Number 1 because although the economy is the envy of other state's, we need to keep the economy running at full capacity."


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