Published by: Mirage News 

The state’s peak business organisation, the NSW Business Chamber, says the decision by Michael Daley to reverse promised payroll tax relief for small businesses, should he be elected Premier in March, has been widely condemned across the State.

The Chamber has today launched an online petition as part of its Keeping NSW Number 1 campaign, called Jobs Tax urging Mr Daley to reverse his plan.


“There’s no doubt Mr Daley’s announcement just prior to Christmas came as a nasty surprise for small business owners across NSW,” said NSW Business Chamber Chief Executive Stephen Cartwright.

“The many small business owners and community leaders we have heard from, especially in regional NSW, are confused as to why NSW Labor would want to put the brakes on jobs growth and punish small and family businesses who are looking to hire additional staff,” Mr Cartwright said.

“Payroll tax is the ultimate job killer – it penalises businesses for hiring more staff, and that is why the decision by the Berejiklian Government last year to lift the payroll tax threshold was celebrated across NSW. The administrative burden of complying with payroll tax is significant, with an average expense of $10,000 for small businesses that are caught by this job killing tax.

“At a time of considerable economic and business uncertainty, it is critical that governments and oppositions across the country look at measures to support jobs growth and small businesses. Punishing small and family businesses for hiring additional staff just doesn’t make sense.

“Securing the commitment to lift the payroll tax threshold was a hard fought campaign run by the 200 Local Chambers of Commerce across NSW. These communities know first-hand the impact of this tax on their communities and particularly on the plight of young job seekers.

“In the lead up to the NSW election on 23 March, we know that this will be a critical issue. NSW needs and deserves leaders who have plans and policies to boost job creation and investment, not negative thought bubbles that, if implemented, will kill jobs growth and force businesses and job seekers to look at opportunities in other parts of Australia.

“That’s why we are asking people to sign the petition,” Mr Cartwright said.