Improve delivery of major infrastructure

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The Issue

The next four years will see a record investment in infrastructure in NSW with $87.2 billion earmarked in projects.

With an investment of this size, it’s critical funds are spent as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The NSW Business Chamber maintains there is a need for more detailed independent reporting and expertise to monitor project delivery and oversighting the rollout of this record investment in infrastructure.

Given the record investment proposed the NSW Chamber has recommended the establishment of the NSW Infrastructure Coordination Authority which through an expert private sector board will provide the next Government and people of NSW with detailed reports on the delivery status of state significant projects and recommendations to improve the performance of project management, including projects in regional NSW.

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Our Plan

Improving the delivery of major infrastructure is key to Keeping NSW the Number 1 business and employment destination of Australia.

That’s why the NSW Business Chamber is calling on our political leaders to:

  • Establish the NSW Infrastructure Coordination Authority. Governed by an Independent Board of infrastructure and business experts, the ICA will advise on delivery, contracting and publish performance reports on the rollout of all state significant infrastructure projects.
  • Introduce a new Government Procurement Framework that provides more opportunities for small and medium enterprise participation.
  • Ensure 30 per cent of the proceeds from asset recycling is invested in regional NSW each year.

The infrastructure investment boom provides an exciting opportunity for jobs, services and economic growth in this state. Its successful delivery is crucial to Keeping NSW Number 1.

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