Cut the cost of energy for the businesses and residents of NSW

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The Issue

High power prices continue to cost businesses, families and the New South Wales economy.

Businesses across NSW are struggling with power price increases. Rising energy costs and energy security concerns are threatening investment, employment growth and expansion.

Across the state business owners are saying energy bills are limiting growth and threatening future job creation.

To ensure NSW stays Number 1, we must take real action to reduce energy costs and promote measures that ensure energy sustainability.

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Our Plan

The impact of higher energy prices on many NSW businesses is a serious concern requiring urgent attention.

That’s why the NSW Business Chamber is proposing measures to reduce power costs and provide more sustainable energy for businesses and residents. These measures include:

  • Removing all state taxes and levies on energy bills.
  • Improving planning certainty and streamline planning processes to boost the supply of new energy projects to provide more affordable base load power.
  • Amending commercial tenancies legislation to assist cost and profit sharing between tenants and landlords for investment in renewable energy.
  • Increasing gas supply through additional natural gas production and/or LNG importation.

Keeping energy costs down and improving energy security and sustainability is key to Keeping NSW Number 1.

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