Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack visits Eastland Truss & Timber in Port Macquarie

Chris Meyers said lowering of the tax rate would help a lot of small businesses.

His comments follow a visit to Port Macquarie business Eastland Truss & Timber on Wednesday by Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack, Cowper Nationals candidate Patrick Conaghan and Port Macquarie MP Leslie Williams.

Mr McCormack said Eastland Truss & Timber was benefiting from a 79-year low tax rate of 27.5 per cent.

He said the government would continue to lower tax rates for small business with a target of 25 per cent.

“We have a policy in place that is going to help businesses such as Eastland,” he said.

Mr McCormack said when these sorts of businesses had a lower tax rate, they invested in their most important asset – their people.

He said they employed more staff and expanded their businesses, just like Eastland Truss & Timber wanted to do.

The Port Macquarie business, which employs about 40 staff, was established in 1988.

Eastland Truss & Timber is in its 31st year of manufacturing timber frames and trusses, and more recently,  started manufacturing four new products.

The business is looking to purchase new premises to allow it to safely grow and increase efficiency.

That would create more job opportunities.

Regional Manager Mid North Coast NSW Business Chamber Kellon Beard welcomed Mr McCormack’s comments about the federal government plan to lower the tax rate for small business.

“We currently have a commitment from the Coalition government at a state level to lower the payroll tax rate,” he said.

“It is a disappointing that Michael Daley has recently stated that Labor would reverse the promised payroll tax relief for small businesses, should he be elected Premier in March.”

Cowper Nationals candidate Patrick Conaghan said there had been an enormous amount of investment in local business and small business.

He said you could just look around out the car window and see how prosperous the area has become.

State MP Leslie Williams said they visited Eastland Truss & Timber to continue to talk with small businesses.

She said small businesses were doing a great job contributing to our economy.

Jobs and opportunities thanks to Port Macquarie’s growing small business sector was the focal point of the tour.

Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker was unable to attend as he was focused on committee work.


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