At this state election, make Keeping NSW Number 1, Your #1

NSW is Number 1 Again.

By actively supporting small businesses, NSW is now leading the nation.

This strength, built on the hard work of small business owners and their staff, funds the roads, rail links, hospitals, schools and other major infrastructure projects we all rely on.

Now is not the time for political parties of any persuasion to be complacent. There is more to be done, and to achieve our full potential we need real measures that encourage businesses right across NSW to invest, upskill and employ.

That’s why in the lead up to this state election the NSW Business Chamber will engage all political parties with solutions to help them adopt the policies that will drive our state forward. We will keep voters up to date on how each party’s policies stack up so they can choose, with confidence, who is best placed to provide the leadership required to Keep NSW Number 1.

The NSW Business Chamber is focused on the long-term interests of our state, just as we have been for over 192 years.

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Stop the Tax Slug on Jobs

Skill NSW for the future and tackle youth unemployment

Improve delivery of major infrastructure

Cut the cost of energy for the businesses and residents of NSW

Protect NSW from natural disasters

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